Our Histories

by Divisions



A little Brexity lament and taster of our forth-coming album, just in time for what promises to be a momentous day for the UK, for better or worse. We hope you enjoy, whether you agree with us or not!


A grand idea? An evil plan?
A ruse, a joke, a farce, a scam?
There’ll be no coming back from this
A blight on all our histories

Another fine old mess we’re in.
While some among us live like kings
The rest do what we’re told to do
The many gladly serve the few

And now,
here they are,
there for us,
haven’t we come so far?
heads held high,
standing tall,
and happy to lose it all.

And so we find ourselves again
In rows of ordinary men...
They take their bows, depart the scene,
and disappear unheard, unseen.

But for now…
here they are,
there for us,
Oh how we’ve come so far,
heads held high,
standing tall,
and ready to lose it all.

Your glorious experiment
made enemies of peaceful men.
And while one day their scars will fade
You’ll hang for all those grave mistakes you made.


released October 19, 2019
Music and Lyrics: Matthew James Moore


all rights reserved


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